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Second Edition - Coming Soon
 Fast and Effective Embedded System Design - Applying the ARM mbed

 The main support site for this new edition will be hosted here. Information will follow when the book appears.






 Fast and Effective Embedded System Design - Applying the ARM mbed
 Support Site (with Lecturer/Instructor Support)


This book shows how to apply the ARM mbed. It also gives a comprehensive introduction to embedded systems, and to C/C++ programming.



  The Derbot Project
Buying the parts, build guidance, ideas for customising, getting it going, what others have done.
  Link to the "Derbot Challenge" picture galleries and videos from this page, 2008 onwards.


An Introduction to the Design of Small-Scale Embedded Systems.
 Support site

This book  (now on the old side) has a more theoretical approach. Its chapters go deep into a range of important topics, e.g. memory technologies, data conversion, numerical routines, low power supply, and design methodologies. It is useful for students and practicing engineers who want to gain a deeper understanding of the main issues impacting embedded systems.


Links to suppliers, manufacturers, universities, jobs.


  Development Tools FAQs
 Working with MPLAB, PicStart, PICkit 2, ICD2, the C18 Compiler, and the Pumpkin Salvo RTOS.



 Other Book Contributions


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