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This page is primarily a selection of carefully-chosen links to other sites. 

(This page is no longer updated, but is left up for reference)

General Embedded Systems Sites
All of these are good sites for information searches. 

Getting you Going, from Nowhere
  A great site, with explanations for everything, including very good sections on electronics, digital electronics, and microcontrollers.

What do all these Words Mean?
Michael Barr's Embedded Systems Glossary

General Sites Targeted at Practicing Professionals
Most of these sites are for the practicing professional. Each is a huge resource in its own right.  A high-class resource site for designers, covering embedded systems, digital signal processing,  real-time programming and operating systems, board-level computing, system on chip, and more.

Embedded Systems Programming Magazine. Many useful features and articles. "Resources for Real Embedded Systems Professionals". Very extensive information.

Dr Dobbs Embedded Systems.

Embedded Systems Internet Resources
. An extensive listing of links, from Dublin City University. More informal than the above sites, but undoubtedly containing some information you wouldn't find on them. Site for the Embedded System Engineering magazine.UK based.  Embedded Systems Europe is focussed on providing embedded systems engineers with the information they need to keep them informed in a fast moving and highly competitive market.

Slightly More Specialist Sites Extensive collection of writings of Embedded Systems author Jack Ganssle. Useful site on interfacing and software development, with a special interest in safety-related issues.    

Research, Education and Training
The following research groups explicitly mention embedded systems among their activities: 
Electronic Systems and Control Research Group University of Loughborough, UK. 
Cybernetic Intelligence Research Group (CIRG) University of Reading, UK.
Intelligent Autonomous Systems Laboratory University of West of England, UK
Embedded Systems Laboratory University of Leicester, UK

The Centre for High Performance Embedded Systems (CHiPES) Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
Center for Embedded Computer Systems. University of California, USA.
Embedded Systems Laboratory, Linkoping University, Sweden.
Embedded Systems Laboratory - TUCS University of Turku, Finland.

Courses including Embedded Systems at the University of Derby (because that's where I'm based!):

Short Courses
(UK) offer short courses in embedded systems software. Now in its 6th year and with over 800 engineers having registered for these events, the Embedded Masterclass has become an important event in the UK's Embedded Systems calendar. With its focus on leading edge embedded technology and tools, the Embedded Masterclass is a chance to meet with vendors and engineers in a non-sales environments and a chance to listen to technical presentations from key industry leaders.

Embedded Systems Academy (USA and Germany)

Links to University Lecture Notes and Course Material
Carnegie Mellon. Good introductory material, with "real world" feel, and some good images and diagrams of applications.

Educational Equipment  Matrix Multimedia produce teaching equipment and educational software packages for PIC micros, general electronics, and Mathematics.  Flite Electronics International make educational equipment for microprocessors, microcontrollers, and electronics in general. Microcontroller training equipment includes PIC, and 8032/51.

Development Tools & Vendors
(together with what each says about itself, in summary)
  Nohau UK Limited is staffed by engineers providing expert advice, training and sales of embedded system development tools, protocol stacks, protocol analysers and traffic generators.
  IAR provides programming tools, services and expertise, helping you to become more productive in all stages of the embedded systems development process.
  TASKING products are world-leading tools for embedded software development, bringing together the advanced software design technology needed to compete in the embedded communications era.
  Ashling makes Emulators, Source Debuggers, Software Quality Assurance tools and Smart Card systems for Embedded Microprocessor developers  The Labcenter Proteus electronic design environment offers schematic capture, SPICE simulation, PCB design, as well as the ability to simulate PIC, AVR, 8051, HC11 and BASIC Stamp processors.

Semiconductor Suppliers
There are many listings of semiconductor manufacturers. An excellent example (for microcontrollers) is

The fairly brief listing below is mainly suppliers of microcontrollers, or closely related products. Where possible the link is directly to the microcontroller pages of the supplier

Advanced Micro Devices       
Analog Devices    
Burr Brown     (Now part of Texas Instruments)
Hitachi Semiconductors  (Now Renesas Technology)
Linear Technology  
Freescale (formerly Motorola)  
National Semiconductors  
Philips Semiconductors   
Renesas Technology Formed from Hitachi and Mitsubishi Semiconductors
Texas Instruments      
Xicor Inc   

Supplier University Link Pages
Microchip University Corner
Xilinx Education

Robots and Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
Robots and  AGVs are one of the most popular ways of learning about and experimenting with embedded systems. At Derby we use the Derbot design as a core from which further AGV designs can be developed.  There are plenty of active sites offering information and parts.
This new and interesting site provides a source of electronic modules and components to robot builders, e.g. ultrasound range-finder, compass, speech synthesiser.
An interesting Southampton-based site, with a good range of parts; described on the site as the one stop shop for robotics and technology supplies
Real Robots is described as the ultimate robot magazine. Successive issues come with the parts to allow you to build Cybot, a sophisticated machine developed by the University of Reading  
The site of the fascinating, sophisticated (and pricey) Pekee robot, suitable for educational and research activity.
A collection of open-source software and ideas on robots.
A huge collection of material, especially in their Encoder newsletter.
Another very large site, covering many professional aspects of robotics and industrial applications, as well as their design and build.
Fantastic catalogue of robotic kits, controllers and hobby electronics, at surprisingly reasonable prices. Hobbyist and educational target. Just look at the range of robots on offer to get ideas for your own next design!

Milford Instruments   Great supplier of microcontroller and robotic parts
Covers UK robotic events and displays, somewhat as successor to the TV Robot Wars series. 
Manufacturers of an excellent range of small DC motors, with a very wide range power and voltage, and integral gearboxes.

David Anderson's selection of his robots - some great designs

The agencies listed all regularly recruit (in the UK) in high tech areas, including embedded system hardware and software design and development. Most have openings both at "experienced" and "raw graduate" level.
Beechwood Recruit
Computer Futures    
ECM Selection    
Enterprise Recruitment    
John Prodger Recruitment    
New Start Recruitment  
Preferred IT    
Technical Recruitment
Site specially for new graduates, in any field. Maybe you can find your first job here!

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